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 Tinting & Lashes

Highlight the "Windows to Your Soul"

Eyebrow tint

Brow code tint

Brow code Hybrid stain

Brow wax and tint

Brow wax and brow code tint

Brow wax and hybrid stain

Eyelash tint

Brow Wax, Tint & lash tint

Brow wax, brow code tint & lash tint

Brow wax, Brow code stain & lash tint











Henna treatment

Henna and brow wax

Henna, brow wax & lash tint

Eyebrow lamination

Brow lamination with brow code tint

Brow lamination with brow code Hybrid stain

Eyelash tint added to brow lamination

Lash Lift incl tint

Temporary lashes










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